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Places to visit in Vermont in summer: Discover the Green Mountain State



Places to visit in Vermont in summer: Green Mountain State

Vermont, is a state in the New England region of the Northeastern United States. It borders Massachusetts to the south, New Hampshire to the east, New York to the west, and the Canadian province of Quebec to the north.

Known for its picturesque landscapes and charming small towns, transforms into a vibrant and inviting destination during the summer months. With lush greenery, outdoor adventures, and cultural attractions, Vermont offers a myriad of places to explore.

This guide highlights some of the best places to visit in Vermont in summer, ensuring a memorable and enriching experience.

Places to visit in Vermont in summer

Vermont, with its lush landscapes and charming towns, is a perfect summer destination. From the vibrant city life in Burlington to the scenic beauty of Stowe and the historic charm of Woodstock, Vermont offers a variety of experiences for every traveler. Enjoy outdoor adventures, cultural attractions, and serene retreats as you explore the best places to visit in Vermont in summer.

Burlington: A vibrant lakeside city

Burlington: A vibrant lakeside city

The heart of Burlington, Church Street Marketplace, is a must-visit for anyone exploring Vermont in summer. This open-air pedestrian mall features a variety of shops, restaurants, and street performers, creating a lively and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Shopping and dining: Visitors can browse unique boutiques, enjoy local cuisine, and relax at outdoor cafes.
  • Events and festivals: The marketplace often hosts events, including music festivals and craft fairs, adding to its vibrant charm.

Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain offers numerous recreational activities, making it a perfect summer destination.

  • Water activities: Enjoy boating, fishing, kayaking, and paddleboarding on the lake’s serene waters.
  • Beaches and parks: North Beach and Waterfront Park provide ideal spots for picnicking, swimming, and sunbathing.
  • Burlington bike path: This scenic path along the lake is perfect for biking, jogging, or leisurely walks.

Stowe: A picturesque mountain town

Stowe: A picturesque mountain town

Nestled in the heart of Vermont, Stowe is a charming mountain town known for its breathtaking scenery and outdoor adventures. Famous for Mount Mansfield, the highest peak in Vermont, Stowe offers activities ranging from hiking and gondola rides to scenic walks along the Stowe Recreation Path.

Mount Mansfield

Mount Mansfield, the highest peak in Vermont, offers breathtaking views and outdoor adventures.

  • Hiking: Trails of varying difficulty levels lead to the summit, providing stunning vistas of the surrounding landscape.
  • Gondola rides: For a more relaxed experience, take the Stowe Gondola SkyRide to enjoy panoramic views without the hike.

Stowe recreation path

This 5.3-mile paved path meanders through meadows, forests, and along the West Branch River.

  • Cycling and walking: Ideal for biking, jogging, or a leisurely stroll, the path offers picturesque views and peaceful surroundings.
  • Picnic spots: Numerous spots along the path are perfect for a summer picnic.

Woodstock: Quintessential New England charm

Woodstock: Quintessential New England charm

Billings farm and museum

Experience rural Vermont life at the Billings Farm and Museum, a working dairy farm and museum of Vermont’s agricultural history.

  • Interactive exhibits: Learn about farming practices, livestock, and the history of the area.
  • Hands-on activities: Participate in activities such as milking cows, churning butter, and guided farm tours.

Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park

This park offers a blend of natural beauty and historical significance.

  • Hiking trails: Explore miles of trails through woodlands, pastures, and gardens.
  • Historic mansion: Tour the historic mansion and learn about conservation history and the legacy of the Rockefeller family.

Manchester: A blend of nature and culture

Manchester: A blend of nature and culture

Hildene: The Lincoln Family Home

Hildene, the summer home of Robert Todd Lincoln, son of Abraham Lincoln, offers a glimpse into the past.

  • House tours: Explore the beautifully preserved mansion and its historical artifacts.
  • Gardens and trails: Stroll through the formal gardens and enjoy the scenic walking trails on the estate.

Manchester designer outlets

For those who enjoy shopping, Manchester Designer Outlets offers a range of high-end stores in a charming village setting.

  • Shopping: Find deals on designer brands in a picturesque setting.
  • Dining: Enjoy a meal at one of the many nearby restaurants and cafes.

The Mad River Valley: Outdoor adventures and scenic beauty

The Mad River Valley: Outdoor adventures and scenic beauty

Warren Falls

Warren Falls is a popular spot for swimming and cliff jumping, featuring a series of cascades and deep pools.

  • Swimming and jumping: The falls provide natural swimming holes perfect for cooling off on a hot summer day.
  • Picnicking: The surrounding area is ideal for a picnic with stunning natural views.

Sugarbush resort

While known for its winter sports, Sugarbush Resort offers plenty of summer activities.

  • Mountain biking: Explore challenging trails with beautiful mountain scenery.
  • Disc golf: Play a round of disc golf on the resort’s scenic course.
  • Hiking: Enjoy hiking trails that offer stunning vistas and fresh mountain air.

The Northeast Kingdom: Untouched Wilderness

The Northeast Kingdom: Untouched wilderness

Lake Willoughby

Often compared to a fjord, Lake Willoughby is surrounded by steep cliffs and offers a tranquil setting.

  • Swimming and boating: Enjoy the clear waters for swimming, kayaking, and canoeing.
  • Hiking: Trails around the lake provide excellent hiking opportunities with breathtaking views.

Kingdom Trails

Kingdom Trails is a premier destination for mountain biking, offering extensive trails through varied terrain.

  • Mountain biking: With over 100 miles of trails, it’s a paradise for mountain biking enthusiasts.
  • Scenic views: The trails offer stunning views of the Northeast Kingdom’s landscape.

Embrace the beauty of Vermont in summer

Vermont’s diverse landscapes and vibrant towns make it an ideal destination for summer travel. From the lively streets of Burlington to the serene beauty of the Northeast Kingdom, there are countless places to visit in Vermont in summer.

Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or simply a peaceful retreat, Vermont has something to offer every traveler. Embrace the charm, beauty, and excitement of the Green Mountain State and create unforgettable summer memories.

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